Control abnormal foot function when an orthotic alone is just not enough


A NEW effective breakthrough to treat

  •  Functional Hallux Limitus

  •  Lesser Metatarsal Overload/ Predislocation Syndrome

  •  Heel Pain

  •  Hammertoe Deformity

  •  First Ray Insufficiency


Simple Control

The new Cluffy WedgeŽ is a wedge shaped device to attach to shoe insoles or orthotics to provide a slight elevation of the hallux, pre-stressing the plantar fascia, and enhancing dorsiflexion of the hallux and optimizing the stabilizing effetcs of the windlass mechanism (Fig. a & b).


How the Cluffy WedgeŽ Works

The key to effectiveness of the Cluffy WedgeŽ lies in the preloading of the hallux in dorsiflexion. By doing this before loading the forefoot, functional hallux limitus can be overcome. The slight elevation afforded by the Cluffy WedgeŽ immediately impacts the stability and function of the foot structures, creating a dramatic change.


Using the Cluffy WedgeŽ

Cluffy WedgeŽ comes in three sizes to correspond to a range of hallux dimensions. The Cluffy Wedge uses a sturdy peel-and- stick adhesive to attach directly to the shoe insole or orthotic under the hallux.

Peak pressures of the foot without the Cluffy WedgeŽ. Note the lateral distribution of weight-bearing forces.


Weight distribution under the first metatarsal is increased, there is less lateralization of weight bearing forces and the medial arch is bearing less weight. The trajectory of forces shows an elimination of the abductory twist.

The Cluffy WedgeŽ orthotic corrective pad was created by Dr. james G. Clough, as a patented device for control of abnormal foot function. Specifically this is a novel approach to treatment of functional hallux limitus which has been shown to be present in 62% of "normal" feet. It is proposed that a variety of postural and foot ailments could be the result from this common podiatric disorder.

Cluffy WedgeŽ Patent #6,170,176 #6.874.258, #6,983,363 Additional Patents Pending

You can order your Cluffy wedgeŽ alone and also can request it to be applied on your orthotic. (Doctors, podiatrist only with an account in our lab).

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