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Automated Orthotic Manufacturing System

AOMS is a computer aided design and manufacturing program linked to a computer numeric controlled milling machine which creates from patient cast individualized molds for custom orthotic fabrication.

AOMS achieves greater accuracy than conventional plaster cast correction, duplicates prior orders without variation, and permanently archives scan and correction data on zip disk for easy storage and retrieval. Opical laser scanner digitizes patient cast data and creates a three-dimensional plantar foot surface computer image from which all corrections originate.

Design and corrections software permit modification of size and shape of all aspects of plantar foot surface (heel cup, arch, forefoot, length and shape) to within 1/20th of an inch(.05"), and facilitate custom additions, such as medial/lateral flanges, kirby skive, UCBL.

Software upgrades insure AOMS remains a dynamic tool for designing creative solutions to complex biomechanical problems.


Precision Orthotic Lab International presents Sharp Shape's office based Optical Laser Foot Scanner. Creator of the Automated Ortothic Manufacturing System (AOMS) for cast correction and direct orthotic milling. Sharp Shape is the industry leader in interfacing automated orthotic design with optical laser cast and foot scanning technology. building upon the success of its cast scanner, Sharp Shape introduces optical laser foot scanning technology to the clinical setting, creating the most effective and cost efficient unit available.

Foot scanning permits capture and review of three dimensional foot images in less time and with greater accuracy than it would take to wrap the first plaster strip on one patient foot. That's it- 30 seconds per foot and you're ready to scan the next patient. No plaster casting and clean-up, patient clean-up or clogged drains. Connect directly to our lab, save postage and reduce turnaround time. Enhance clinical outcomes through optical foot scanning because it involves fewer variables than plaster casting which impede image accuracy. Click HERE for a Basic Introduction.

The clinical office package includes calibrated scanner and stand, laptop computer, software, wheeled case, installation and demonstration. (may be configured to your needs).

For further information, pricing or to arrange a demonstration, call 800-336-6302.

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